Our Process

Retirement Planning Is a Process, Here's How We Can Help

1. The Learning Phase

The beginning of the road. It's time to start or refresh your learning of your FRS Retirement Benefits. If you're not confident you understand your FRS benefits, you can request a free copy of our book "Your FRS, Your Choice"  by clicking Here. This fast and easy to read book will take you through both of the FRS retirement plans, and help you assess what options might be of interest to you. If you feel confident in your knowledge of your benefits already, then you can move on to step 2.

2. Assessing The Pieces

Determine where you stand. Schedule a meeting with one of our financial professionals who can help answer your questions about your retirement goals and prorities. We will then help you assess your risk tolerance, evaluate your options, and help you put together a retirement plan.

3. Begin Putting Your Pieces Together

It's time to start putting together your retirement plan. At this stage your financial professional will help you begin implementing your retirement plan as we work together to customize your retirement path towards your goals.

4. Evaluating and Adjusting Your Path

Keep moving forward. It's hard to stay on the right path if you don't check where you are going. We will conduct systematic reviews of your retirement plan with you to help you stay aligned with your retirement goals.